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Maurice Doyle

Maurice Doyle
Died Apr. 12/1862
Age 55 years
His son
died Oct. 16/1856
aged 21 months

Maurice Doyle came to Canada from Ireland in 1827
(according to the Northumberland County census for 1851)
he came to the Miramichi area, South Nelson, and married
Katherine Walsh of Kilkenny county Ireland, who had entered
Canada in 1835.

They were married Oct. 2/1836 in Nelson Miramichi.
In 1851 they are listed as follows:
Doyle Maurice - Husband - age 45 - race Irish - occupation farmer- entry date 1827
Doyle Catherine - Wife - age 35 - race Irish - entry date 1835
Doyle Patrick - Son - age 12 - race Irish - Born Canada
Doyle John (Allan) - Son - age 11 - race Irish - Born Canada
Doyle Francis - Son - age 7 - race Irish - Born Canada
(In 1861 Frances is listed as she should be as daughter
Doyle Margaret - Daughter - age 5 - race Irish - Born Canada
Doyle Michael - Son - age 3 - race Irish - Born Canada
Doyle Honora - Daughter - age 9 months - race Irish - Born Canada
Doyle Thomas - Brother - age 52 - race Irish - Shoemaker - Entry date 1820

In 1861 they are listed as having Thomas as head of family he's 24
Morris is listed as father age 50
Catherine Walsh listed as mother age 45
Thomas Doyle listed as Uncle and shoemaker (cordwainer?) age 64
Patrick listed as brother (to head of family) age 22
Frances listed as sister (to head of family) age 16
Margaret listed as sister (to head of family) age 13
Honoria listed as sister (to head of family) age 10
Catherine listed as sister (to head of family) age 9

Here is what is known from church and family records
On the children of Maurice Doyle and Katherine Walsh

1...Thomas married Ann Singleton Apr. 29/1874 d/o William and Mary Singleton of Blackville, NB
2...Charles ?? not known what happened to him
3...Frances married John Hackett son of William and Margaret Hackett, Jul. 11/1866
4...Margaret bapt. June 1842
5...Michael married Ellen Hogan Sept. 22/1875
6...Honora (Hannah) married John Hogan Oct. 20/1875
7...Catherine born 1852 died 1907
8...John Allan born 1839 died June 29/1927
....married Sept. 23/1869 to Ellen Donovan ....(Ellen born Oct. 1844, died Nov. 28/1906)
....witnesses: Daniel Sullivan and Mary Donovan
9...Maurice a son who died in 1856 at age 21 months
10..Patrick ?? unknown what happened to him (Listed as age 22 in 1861)


Thomas Doyle who was Maurice's, only known, brother is listed as having entered Canada
in 1820. He seems to have never married as in 1851 he is living with Maurice
and family and is 52 years old and in 1871 he is listed as living
next door to John and living alone and aged 71, a shoemaker and single

His tombstone is laying flat on the right hand side of brother Maurice
in Renous NB Cemetery


John Allan Doyle

Ellen Donovan

Born in Nelson Miramichi, ca 1839, died June 29/1927
buried in Chelmsford NB
He married Ellen Donovan Sept. 23/1869 and had 10 children:

1....Maurice Doyle (listed as Moses (pronounced mossey) in census) born Aug. 7/1870
2....Thomas L. Doyle born May 20/1873 died 1946 married Sept. 6/1911, Mary Ellen Hickey daughter of James Hickey and Mary J. Shannon of Jacquet River.
3....James Doyle born May 20/1875 (he later moved to Maine USA) died 1930
4....John Edward Doyle died on the drive in Ontario July 6/1906
5....Patrick Doyle born c1879 (age 12 in 1891 Census) married Grace Underhill
6....Katherine Doyle born 1881 died 1951
7....Ellen Doyle born 1883, died 1947
8....Margaret Doyle born c 1885, age 6 in 1891 census
9....Michael Doyle born Nov. 1886 died same day at home
10...Joseph Celestine Doyle born May 19/1889, died July 27/1953
11...Margaret Mary Doyle born and died 1907

My Great Grand father John Allan Doyle is not listed in the 1861
census with the rest of the family. He is however listed in the 1871
census with his family as such :
Doyle John - husband - age 28 - farmer/lumberer
Doyle Eleanor (Ellen Donovan)- wife - age 25 - weaver
Doyle Moses (Maurice) - age 1 mo. -
Doyle Catherine - Widow - age 53 - Ireland
Doyle Honora - Sister - age 21 - NB


Thomas Doyle son of Maurice and Katherine Walsh
born around 1837 as he is listed as being 24 years old in 1861
he married Ann Singleton and their first child is age 14 in 1891
so born around 1877

They had the following known children
1...William Thomas who was born 1875 died 1931
married 1909 to Kathleen (Kate) Connolly
(she was born 1883 died 1921)


Joseph Celestine Doyle
wife Gertrude Vickers

Joseph Celestine born May 19/1889, in Nelson Miramichi
died July 27/1953 and is buried in Upper Nelson NB
He married Gertrude Vickers and they had the following children

Joseph used to come up to Campbellton / Atholville area and he would
work on the "booms" in Atholville every year, for years

Michael Doyle

In memory of
Michael Doyle
who died
May 8/1877
aged 28 years
erected by his beloved wife

Michael Doyle son of Maurice and Katherine Walsh
born around 1849, married Ellen Theresa Hogan Sept. 22/1875
died May 8/1877 at age 28, buried in Renous NB

Died in a logging accident and left a 3 month old son
Henry Patrick Doyle. He was brought up by his mother Ellen Theresa
and his step father John Hogan.
In the 1891 Restigouche county census they appear living
in Charlo NB (parish of Colborne) and listed as:

Hogan John age 48, NB, Farmer
" " " " Ellen age 36, wife, NB (Hogan was her maiden name also)
" " " " Margaret age 15, daughter ??? NB
" " " " Jane age 82, mother, NB
Doyle Henry age 13, lodger ??, NB
Shannon Michael age 26, NB, IRC employee (Railroad)
" " " " " " Mary age 34, NB, (sister to Ellen Hogan)
" " " " " " John age 2, son, NB
Devereaux Margaret age 23, school teacher
Babin Simon age 25, lodger, Q, Farm Laborer

I have no idea why Henry Patrick is listed as lodger and Margaret
as daughter. According to family members the Hogans brought up a girl
named Margaret who became a nun by name of Sister Philippe Neri
in Worcester Mass, USA


Maurice Doyle Sr.
wife Edith Godin

Maurice Doyle Sr. born in Nelson Miramichi, July 8/1870,
died St Fidele, PQ, on Dec. 26/1939 son of John Doyle and Ellen Donovan
married Edith Godin (born July 28/1882, died Aug. 4/1983, aged 101 yrs)
daughter of Joseph Godin and Brigitte Lapointe

I really have no idea what brought Maurice to this area and how he met
my grand mother Edith. He was a "Game Warden" on the Quebec side, right
across from the "booms" in Atholville, on a little Island in a small
game warden's shack. For those of you who dont know what a game warden is
its a fish (or hunting) warden who keeps watch over Salmon pools mainly

In any case, he met and married my grand mother who lived in Lorne NB
They lived there for a few years as some of their kids are born in
Jacquet River and some in Nash Creek they then moved to Ristigouche P.Q. on an Indian reservation
In 1933 they went to St Fidele P.Q. til he died in 1939


The Doyle Homestead
still stands in Doyle's Brook
built in the mid 1800's

The first home built by Maurice Doyle when he came from Ireland
was further back on the land, next to the river
There was also a big barn on the property which has since been destroyed
it stood to the left and back of the homestead

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