After having placed this Web page on the Internet
I've received many many e-mails from Doyles, people who
are related to Doyles or looking for Doyles

This one e-mail in particular was sort of sad but then
gave me a good laugh so thought I'd share it with you
with the permission of its originator of course
Paul Bleignier

And just in case you may be one of his long lost Doyles
or should know anything about them please E-mail Paul at

Dear Irene,

I enjoyed your site very much. I got there through the Doyle Clan Page.

According to the history of the Doyles --
they didn't start out being a bunch of nice people!
My grandfather, Frank Doyle out of New York must have read
his own press clippings, so to speak.
He used to come home from wherever (1900s or so), plant a seed
(with Margaret Young, my maternal grandmother) and then wouldn't
wait around for the harvest! All of his kids, my mother Margaret
was one of them, were raised in a Catholic orphanage,
St. Agnes in Sparkill, New York.

I think there were about 6 or so of them. They have all caught
the same disease old Frank had (including my mother) and disappeared
off the face of the earth!

Thank God my father, a Bleignier from Montreal and my grandmother,
a Francoeur from St. Martin, PQ were there to take care of me.

I enjoyed looking through your site -- it reminded me of what a family
should be like -- not like the fiasco old Frank Doyle started!

Paul Bleignier

And here is the answer I got to the first e-mail I sent in answer to his

Dear Irene
Of course you can put my trite on your web page -- I would be honored!

No, I never found out what happened to Margaret Doyle (my mother).
Nor, for that matter, any of the Doyles. I've made some half hearted
attempts to see if I can locate any of them but it was futile.
It's such a common name, and there are so many of us.
Not only did we Irish like the booze -- we sure liked the ladies!
I guess the French-Canadian side of my family was not too far behind
my Irish side. My Grandmother, Yvonne Francoeur Bleignier, left
Montreal and her husband (who was also a scoundrel) in about 1920
and her 7 kids. They settled in New York City. Turns out she was the
catalyst that kept all her kids around her.

When she died in 1957 -- it seems everyone went their own way.

Well, Irene, it was nice writing to you. I hope you write back and
again I would be honored if you put my words on your web site.
Maybe it will shake some of my cousins out of the trees --
I'm sure some of them live there -- or
-- perhaps bring them up out of the sewer! YUK!