Michael Shannon and Mary Hogan's children
SHANNON Mrs. Michel , nee Marie Ann Hogan, died June 5/1928
buried June 7/1928 aged 69 years ..

Nellie (Ellen) Shannon

Mary Shannon (Mammie)

Ann Laurette (Laura) Shannon who married William Walsh
son of William John Sherman Walsh and Mary Doyle on Sept. 27/1915

Gertrude (Gertie) Shannon

SHANNON John S. (Jack)(Michel and Mary Hogan) married Oct. 22/1919 Annie McDONALD (Ronald and Catherine Allen McDonald) wit. Arthur O'Conwall and M. Shannon Their child:
SHANNON John Mc Donald (John and Annie Mc Donald) born July 29/1920, bapt. Aug. 1/1920. ss. Billy Welsh and Mary Shannon. Married June 25/1947 M. Therese(?)
SHANNON William Augustus (John S. and Annie McDonald) born Mar. 6/1923 bapt. Mar. 11/1923. ss. J. W. Cantwell and Mrs Georges Bradley.


HOGAN Mrs. John, buried in Charlo, died Oct. 13/1929, buried Oct. 15/1929, aged 73 years

HOGAN Daniel died Setp. 18/1886 in Charlo, age 92 years.

HOGAN Mrs Daniel born Jane Thompson died age 84 at Charlo, on May 5/1891

HOGAN Mary Ann married John Labillois Apr. 13/1863, Charlo, witnesses:
John Meager, Joseph Labillois, Patrick Hayes, Edward Delaney, Amelie Michaud
James Hayes, William Cullen, Georgina Lebel, Daniel Delaney

HOGAN Mary Ann Ethel daughter of John Hogan and Ellen Hogan
born Jan. 1/1892, sponsors John Galaghan and Clare Shannon

HOGAN Mary Jane daughter of John Hogan and Ellen Hogan
born Feb. 1/1883. sponsors Edouard and Ellen Fortune

SHANNON Annie Loretta born, Charlo, NB, Mar. 10/1893 d/o Michael Shannon
and Mary Hogan. Sponsors : H. Doyle and C. Shannon

SHANNON James married at Charlo, July 6/1859 to Christine Arseneau
witnesses: Isaac Arseneau and Joseph Cormier

SHANNON John Stanislaus son of Michael and Mary Hogan
born Jan. 19/1889. sponsors: John Hogan and Helene (ELLEN) Hogan

SHANNON Mary Margaret Helen born Apr. 9/1891 to Michael Shannon and Mary Hogan. sponsors John Gallaghan and Margaret Ann Devereux

SHANNON Mary born Jan. 8/1895 d/o of Michael and Mary Hogan
sponsors: Edward Fortune and Maggie Hogan
Married Arthur Andrew O'Connell Oct. 16/1923

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