Maurice Doyle Sr and Edith Godin's Children

Frank Doyle, born Mar 28/1908, died Sept.9/1985 married Patricia Audet, daughter of Francois Audet and Marie Anne Poirier
John (Johnny) Doyle, born Sept.23/1906, died ...married Rita Audet, daughter of Francois Audet and Marie Anne Poirier, only had one son Jean Maurice Doyle
Maurice (Massey) Doyle Jr, born Oct. 28/1909, died July 7/1969 married Rose Emma (Aimee) Doyle on Sept.19/1945, daughter of Mars Arbour and Adeline Poirier
Josephine Doyle, born Sept.19/1922, married Leonard Audet, son of Francois Audet and Marie Anne Poirier, they have only one daughter Celine Audet
Mary Helen Doyle, born Sept.6/1918, died Jan.2/1961, committed suicide, married Lionel Couture, they had the following children Robert, Lomer Guy, Gerald, Paula, Lionel, Leo
Thomas (Tommy) Doyle, born Sept. 12/1914, never married
Arthur Doyle born June 19/1927, married Adelia Belanger of Saint Fidele PQ. They had the following children: Jimmie, Cora, Mona, Marilyn
Michel (Mike) Doyle, born Dec.12/1920, died Oct.10/1988 married Marie Anne Fournier of St Quentin, NB, they had only one daughter Aline Doyle
Leo Doyle, born June 16/1912, died Dec.19/1979 married Emerilda Belanger of St Fidele, they had the following children: Richard, Willie, Gerard, Celine, Leona, Isabelle