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  • ULTICAN Thomas , Black Point, s/o John and Catherine (Brown) married Sept. 9/1851 Joannah QUIGLEY of Dalhousie d/o Thomas and Hannah (Flannagan)

  • UNKNOWN Alexander s/o ..... bapt. Nov. 28/1860 at 4 wks godparents Denis Labey(lahey?) and Sarah Hearn

  • UNKNOWN Catherine d/o unknown parents bapt. June 16/1857 at 6 wks godpar. Louis Resch and Catherine Doherty

  • UNKNOWN David s/o .... bapt. Apr. 24/1859 at 3 months godparents Thomas Green and Ann Deviere (Dwyer?)

  • UNKNOWN Elizabeth Ann d/o .... b. May 8/1861 Godp. Joseph Charette and Marcelline Boulier

  • UNKNOWN Jean Baptiste s/o ....... bapt. Mar. 31/1858 at 8 mo. godparents Philippe Coulombe and Suzanne Land

  • UNKNOWN John (parents unknown) b. Dec. 10/1855 bapt. Mar. 1856 godparents Daniel Delany and Anne Crowley

  • UNKNOWN John James s/o ...... bapt. Jan. 8/1860 at 15 months godparents Marc Morrisset and Sarah Hearn

  • UNKNOWN John s/o ... Rest. b. Sept. 20/1859 godparents Michael Ryan and Jeanne Laperriere

  • UNKNOWN John s/o .... bapt. May 19/1861 at 6 wks godp. John Fenley and Catherine Ward

  • UNKNOWN John s/o ..... bapt. July 3/1862 at 3 months godparents Andre Martin and Marcelline Beaudry

  • UNKNOWN John, bapt. June 8/1844, at 4 months, godparents Joseph Doyle and Mary Doyle

  • UNKNOWN Marie Clementine born Dec. 22/1844 and bapt. Dec. 23, godparents Clevis Antille and Mary Christie

  • UNKNOWN Marie Edesse (parents unknown) b. Feb. 2/1856

  • UNKNOWN Marie Louise born Dec. 22/1844 bapt. Dec. 23 godparents Jean Baptiste Chobaquet and Mar(garet?) Capland

  • UNKNOWN Mary d/o ... bapt. May 12/1859 at 14 days godparents John Ryan and Mary Quinn.

  • UNKNOWN Olive Marie born July 27/1845 bapt. July 29 godparents Francois Martin and Magdeleine Michel

  • UNKNOWN William son of ? bapt. Jan. 24/1858 at 4 months godparents Germain Roussel and Nancy Gallagher

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