Letter O
  • O'BRIEN Catherine wife of Allen LYONS Matapedia died May 19/1861 at 65 yrs

  • O'CALLAGHAN John s/o Dennis and Hannah (Driscoll) married Elizabeth Mc GUIRE d/o George and Mary Ann (Quinn) both of Campbellton were married on Nov. 8/1845

  • O'CONNELL Lawrence s/o Michael and Marguerite (Carrol) married July 29/1845 Mary Ann WEST d/o the late David and Mary Ann (Maylmer) both of Campbellton NB.

  • O'NEIL Joanna d/o John and Mary (Quimber) farmer, Rest. bapt. Aug. 25/1847 (3wks)

  • O'NEIL Mary d/o John and Mary (Quinnell (O'Connell) Rest. bapt. Apr. 22/1844 at 1 yr.

  • O'NEIL Michel s/o John and Mary (Quinlan) Rest. bapt. Apr. 15/1850 (8mo)

  • O'NEIL Peter Florence s/o? John and Mary (Quimber) farmer Rest. bapt. Aug. 31/1845 at 4 months, godparents Timothy Quinn and Catherine Ryan

  • O'TOOL Patrick farmer Cascapedia s/o Adrew and Jane (Smith) of the same place married Elizabeth KERR of Nouvelle d/o the late Peter and the late Mary (Shean?) Nouvelle Jan. 9/1860

  • OLSCAMP Joseph s/o the late Alexandre and Francoise (Hiandeau?) Quebec, married Oct. 11/1848, Xantippe BROCHU, s/o Pierre and the late Suzanne (Guerette)

  • OLSCAMP Marie Francois d/o Joseph and Xantippe (Brochu) farmer Rest. b. Mar. 25/1852

  • OLSCAMP Philippe Edouard s/o Joseph Michel and Xantippe (Brochu) farmer b. July 19/1855

  • OLSCAMP Stanislas Wilbrod s/o Joseph and Xantippe (Brocher/ Brochu?) farmer Rest. bapt. Sept. 30/1850 (1wk)

  • OTHON Elzear, parents unknown, bapt. Oct. 30/1845 at 1 mo.

  • OUIMET Catherine d/o Ambroise and Theotiste (Labauve) farmer Rest. bapt. Feb. 24/1861 at 8days

  • OUIMETTE Ambroyse (? and Mary Anne (Chamberlain) of St. Michel, Quebec district, married June 6/1842 Theotiste LABEAUVE of Restigouche, son of Benjamin and Marie Magdelaine (Dedam?), indian of Restigouche.

  • OUIMETTE Anastasie d/o Ambroise and Theotiste (Labaun) laborer Rest. bapt. Apr. 5/1845 at 3 weeks.

  • OUIMETTTE Suzanne d/o Ambroise and Theodile (Labauvre) farmer Rest. b. May 8/1856

  • OUIONCHE Rose, died Nov 1842 at 20 years wife of Etienne Ignace Capland buried July3/1843

  • OUIOUCHE Pierre, died Nov. 1842 at 41 years, husband of Marie (Capland)

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