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  • ADAMS Mary d/o Peter and Johannah (Whitten) farmer Rest. bapt. July 27/1845 at 1yr.

  • AGOON Marie Angelique wife of Jean (Mercier) Rest. died July 14/1845 at 56 years, buried July 16

  • ALAIN Felix farmer fo Riviere a l'Anguille NB s/o Charles and Anastasie (Arsenault) married Marguerite LAND of Cton d/o Jean and Marguerite (Demorre?) also of Cton Feb. 6/1860

  • ALAIN Thomas laborer Riviere l'Anguille s/o Charles and Nancy (Arsenau) of the same place married Catherine KENNEDY Dalhousie d/o the late Michael and Mary (Barry?) of Dalhousie on Nov. 27/1860

  • ALISSON James s/o James and Mary (Harrington) farmer, Rest. bapt. Oct. 6/1845 (5 mo)

  • ANCTIL Adele d/o Clovis and Anastasie (Gregoire) farmer Rest. born Oct. 8/1854

  • ANTILLE Clevic (Abraham and the late Marguerite (Belanger) of St. Jean Port Julie married Anastasie GREGOIRE d/o Francois Xavier and Marie Magdalene (Garault) of Rest. on Jan. 28/1845

  • ANTILLE Marie Emilie d/o Clevie and Anastasie (Gregoire) laborer Rest. bapt. July 26/1849 at 2 mon.

  • ANTILLE Marie Rose d/o Clevic and Anastasie (Gregoire) farmer Rest. born Jan.28/1852

  • ARCHIBALD Ann Elizabeth d/o Michael and Mary (Christie) farmer Matapedia bapt. June 13/1863

  • ARCHIBALD Catherine d/o Michael and Jane (Cheaters) Matapedia b. Oct. 4/1864

  • ARCHIBALD Catherine daughter of Michael and Mary (Dunn) farmer of Rest. born Jan.8/1942, bapt. July 20

  • ARCHIBALD Mary d/o Michael and Jane (Cheters) Cton b. Nov. 3/1858

  • ARCHIBALD Mary Jane d/o Patrick and Bridget (Dunn) farmer, Rest. bapt. Mar. 15/1847 (3mo)

  • ARCHIBALD Michael farmer Cton s/o Patrick and Bridget (Dunn) Rest. married Jane CHEYTORS d/o the late James and the late Mary (Baikley) Rest Oct. 13/1857

  • ARCHIBALD Michael, laborer s/o Patrick and Brigett (Dunn) married Sept. 9/1849 Jane FIRTH d/o George and Mary (Granger) all of Rest.

  • ARCHIBALD Michel s/o Michel and Jane (Fourth) laborer Rest. bapt. July 26/1850 (8mo)

  • ARCHPOLD (Archibald) Patrick husbanc of Bridget (Dunn) Cton died there June 30/1859 at 65 yrs

  • ARCOULT (HARQUAIL?) Etienne s/o Jean and Rose (Doucet) farmer bapt. Apr. 5/1845 at 3wks

  • ARCOULT (HARQUAIL?) Joseph Zephirin s/o Pierre and Elizabeth (Tapin) farmer Rest. bapt. Mar. 16/1845 at 1 year.

  • ARGES Cornelius s/o Patrick and Ann (Arges) farmer, NB bapt. July 30/1854 (10wks)

  • ARJANT John s/o John and Margaret (Dee) farmer Rest. bapt. Sept. 25/1848 (2 1/2 mo)

  • ARSENAULT farmer s/o Isaac and Sare (Laviolette) married Mary HINCKS (HINES OR HICKS) d/o Michael and Ann (Burke) both of Eel River Nov. 27/1859

  • ARSENEAU Mary d/o Joseph and Marie Anne (Sleagher) pilot Dalhousie b.Sept. 15/1862

  • ASSELIN Guillaume s/o Gabriel and Victoire (Tremblay) bapt. June 8/1844 at 7 mo.

  • ASSELIN Jacques s/o Gabriel and Victoire (Tremblay) farmer, Rest. bapt. July 27/1845 (5 days)

  • ASSELIN John s/o Gabriel and Victoire (Tremblay) Rest. bapt. Aug. 10/1851 (2 mo)

  • ASSELIN Marie Suzanne d/o Gabriel and Victoire (Tremblay) laborer Res. born Apr. 18/1849 bapt. June 24

  • ASSELIN Pierre s/o Gabriel and Victoire (Tremblay) laborer Rest. bapt. Mar. 31/1847 at 8 days

  • ATKINSON (Argusson) Margaret d/o Michael and Christy Ann (Cool) farmer b. Oct. 10/1854

  • ATKINSON Catherine d/o Michel and Mary Ann (Cool) lumberer of C'ton bapt. Nov.2/1845 at 5 wks.

  • ATKINSON Christy d/o Michel and Christy Ann(Cool) farmer Rest. bapt. July 28/1850 (3mo)

  • ATKINSON Helene d/o Michael and Christy Ann(Cool) farmer Rest. bapt., Jan. 24/1848 at 3 months

  • ATKINSON John s/o Michael and Ida Christina (Cole/Cool) farmer Cton bapt. Apr. 5/1857 at 20 months

  • ATKINSON Michael s/o James adn Catherine (Mahoney) Rest. married Mary Christy Ann COOL d/o John and helen (Garten) on June 28/1844 (Christy Ann was bapt. on June 27/1844 at age 17 years.)

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