by Alice McKiel

The following are the words to songs from out of our past. Did not try to categorize them as country, folk, pop, sacred, etc. Hope you enjoy remembering the part this music played in your life.

Our Grandma used to sing while she knitted a scarf or mittens

Bluebells of Scotland           These are my Mountains           Loch Lomand           Stardust

Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen           Dont it make my brown eyes blue          

Crazy Arms           Letter Edged in Black           Paper Roses           Pub with no Beer          

Dont' let the stars get in your eyes           Beautiful Isle of Nowhere          

Wild Rover           Heart of my Heart           Blue Velvet Band          

Yellow Rose of Texas           Irish Lullaby           McNamara's Band          

Now I hope no one cries about copyrights here, these are not meant to make money only to bring back a memory or two.