Songs of days gone by
by Alice McKiel

Here are a few songs Grandma used to sing while she knitted me a scarf or mittens


I've been a wild rover for many a year,
And I've spent all my money on whisky and beer.
Now I'm returning with great gold in store,
And I never will play the wild rover no more.

Chorus: And it's no, nay never-
No, nay never no more,
Will I play the wild rover- No never, no more.

I went to an alehouse I used to frequent,
And told the landlady my money was spent.
I asked her for credit, she answered me "Nay-
Such custom like yours, I can get any day"

I took from my pocket two sovereigns bright
And the landlady's eyes opened with delight.
She said "I have whiskeys and wines of the best,
And the words that I told you were only in jest."

I'll go home to my parents, confess what I've done
And I'll ask them to pardon their prodigal son
And when they've caressed me as oft times before'
I never will play the wild rover no more.