Songs of days gone by
by Alice McKiel

Here are a few songs Grandma used to sing while she knitted me a scarf or mittens


I was standing by my window yesterday morning,
Without a thought of sorrow or of care,
When I saw the Postman coming up the walkway
With such a smiling face and jaunty air.

He rang the bell and whistled while he waited,
And then he said "Good morning to you, Jack"
But little did he know the sorrow he bought me -
When he handed me that letter edged in black.

With trembling hands, I took the letter from him,
I opened it and this is what it said,
"Come home my boy, your dear old daddy needs you,
Come home, my boy, your dear old mother is dead.

The last words your mother uttered were -
Tell my boy I want him to come back.
My eyes are blurred, my poor old heart is breaking
As I'm writing you this letter edged in black.

Those angry words I wish I'd never spoken.
You know I didn't mean them, don't you Jack
May angels bare me witness, I am asking
Your forgiveness in this letter edged in black.