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Here is a bit of history of one Scotish Gent
who came to Campbellton
Mr. Allan Ritchie

Lumber was also a big business in the early days of Campbellton
The first lumber mill was owned by Gilmour and Rankine who then sold to Arthur Ritchie, who in turn sold to Shives Lumber Co.,
Another mill stood at the west end of town and was owned by A.E. Alexander and he sold that mill to Richards Co..
There was also a mill in Athol owned by J.P.Mowatt who sold it to John Mair and in 1901 the property was sold to Shives Lumber co., Shives closed their business in Nov. of 1929 and sold all their properties to a company called Stetson Cutler Co., who in turn sold to Fraser Co.. After many shut-downs and re-openings, the properties where the mill now stands (where four mills once stood) is now owned by the Avcel Co.
Another mill stood on the opposite side of the river at Ste Anne de Ristigouche, owned by George Moffat who later sold to the Champoux Bros. Co.

In July of 1910, the whole city of Campbellton was burnt to a crisp by a fire started from the sparks of a nearby mill, within a few hours there was only a few buildings left standing and people were huddled together trying to help one another rebuild their little city. Help came from near and far, food, clothing, some tents were put up in the back of the city, and soon the rebuilding began.

Rebuilding the city was not an easy task but they did it and in no time at all...


As it looked then, not long before the fire, now Water St., seen from the west end of town.
The station master's home seen on the left is one which didnt' burn in the fire of 1910.
The black rounded stack is also the stack of the mill which started the fire

Then called Main Street, and I am not sure if this was Water or Ramsay Street or how the streets were divided back then yet, the Main street would indicate maybe Water Street today but the mountains in the back do not fit the background for Water St..
With the store of Adams & Firth on the left.

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