The job of re-building ! If you look carefully
at the very back of the picture, you will see
the line of white tents people lived in

Also the remains of the Grammar School on the left.

Here is a closer look at those tents

A poor picture looking up Andrew Street just before the fire
which was probably taken from one of the stacks of the mill
which was located on the waterfront of today
The large building on the corner of the street at bottom
in middle of the picture was used as a bank for many years
and is still standing today

This store was set up after the fire and had a little of everything
Mr Abby Comeau of Atholville is standing in the doorway with the white shirt
This building is still standing today on top of the hill at the West end
of Roseberry street, where a "lookout" has been built from which you get
a breathtaking view of Ste Anne de Ristigouche and the Restigouche River

E.J. Allingham's Grocery store which was set up next door to the one above

A scene of the aftermat of the great fire
Men seem to be having lunch and can be seen on here
Mr. Hugh Marquis who owned a store in Cambpellton (sitting, with a beard)
The first gentleman on the left sitting is Frank Foley
and the first on the left standing is Walter Jardine
Note the mess all around them, yet these men look like they would be
attending a convention of some kind with the hats, suits and clean look
If anyone recognizes anyone else pls email me or if you have some old
pictures of Campbellton area you would like to share

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