Pierre Dion s/o  baptised at Quebec, May 27/1674, three marriages and 22 
children.  Pierre died Feb. 9/1739 at Ancienne Lorette. 

				First marriage

	First marriage, in 1697 to Anne Agnes Bonhomme, daughter of Ignace
Bonhomme and Anne Agnes Morin. Anne Agnes was baptised June 21/1675, and died
following birth of her 5th child on Aug.18/1803

	From this first marriage the following children were born:

Jacques: born Jan. 19/1698, married Louise De Lessard, on 
      Apr.21/1721, daughter of Charles and Marie Anne Caron of l'Ancienne 

Pierre: born Jan. 30/1699 and died drowned on July 1/1714

Louis:  baptised at Ste Foy, on Nov. 10/1700 and married in 
      parish of Notre Dame of Quebec on May 18/1728 to Marie Madeleine 
      Normandeau dit Deslauriers, daughter of Augustin and Marie Madeleine 
      Sasseville. Louis died  Nov. 15/1749 at Quebec.

Ignace: baptised at Ste Foy on Jan.,18/1702 and married at Quebec
      on July 28/1727 to Marie Francoise de Lessard daughter of Charles and Marie
      Anne Caron. Marie Francoise was baptised at Quebec, Sept. 8/1704

Noel Francois: baptised at Ancienne Lorette, on Aug. 28/1703 (his
      mother died after giving him birth) Francois married at Charlebourg on
      Jan. 9/1736, to Marie Josephte Allard daughter of Andre and Anne Le 
      Marcher.   Marie Josette died May 29/1760 at Poite aux Trembles Quebec

				Second marriage

	Second marriage to Genevieve Fauteux on Aug. 11/1705 at Ancienne 
Lorette Genevieve was baptised on Jan. 12/1686 at Poite aux Trembles Quebec.
Genevieve died Mar. 20/1717, eleven (11) days after the birth of her last 
child (Genevieve)  From this marriage were born  7 children:

Pierre: baptised in 1706, died at Trois Rivieres on Sept.22/1745,
      Following a murder which was committed by Etienne Cantenet at the 
      "les vieilles forges" this murder was the object of a trial.

Joseph: baptised at Ancienne Lorette on Aug. 7/1707 and married on 
      April 17/1730 to Marie Madeleine de Lessard d/o Charles and Marie Anne
      Caron.  Marie Madeleine was baptized at Quebec, on Dec. 14/1706
      Joseph died Jan. 13/1774 at Quebec

Jean Baptiste: baptised at Ancienne Lorette, Aug. 28/1710 and died 
      April 9/1711

Jean Baptiste: baptised at Ancienne Lorette, May 7/1712

Denis: baptised at Ancienne Lorette on Dec. 29/1713

Charles: baptised at Ancienne Lorette on Aug. 5/1715, married at  
      Ancienne Lorettte on Feb.22/1740 to Catherine Alain daughter of Noel
      Simon Alain and Marie Anne Hamel.  Catherine was born at Anc. Lorette 
      on Mar. 11/1711

Marie Genevieve: baptised at Ancienne Lorette, on Mar. 9/1717, 
      married at Pte aux Trembles of Quebec, on Aug. 19/1743 to Louis 
      Bordeleau son of Antoine and Catherine Picher. Louis was born at 
      Pointe aux Trembles on June 7/1716

				Third marriage

	Third marriage , Pierre married on Nov. 21/1718, Marie Ursule De
Lessard (born in 1694) and they had ten (yes 10 children):

Marie Ursule: baptised a Ancienne Lorette on Aug. 24/1719

Marie-Anne: baptised a Quebec, on Feb. 20/1721 and married July 9/1748
    to Joseph Caute, son of Noel and Madeleine Brunet of Larochelle France

Pierre: born Mar. 18/1722, died same day, after being baptised and 
    confirmed by "Monseigneur St Vallier"

Marie Anne: born Dec. 31/1723, she married in 1757, Raymond Vert
                         (Verd) s/o Jean and Marie Peyronne of Bourg St Martial, eveche de
                         Perigueux, Guyenne

Pierre-Marie: born Sept. 9/1727, married to Catherine Gueret-Dumont
    on June 2/1755

Ursule:  baptised at Ancienne Lorette, Aug. 2/1729 , she died on
    June 18/1730

Joseph-Marie: born July 4/1731, died Feb. 26/1732

Joseph: baptised at Ancienne Lorette, in 1732 and married at Notre Dame  
    de Quebec, on June 4/1753 to Marie Madeleine Reaume daughter of Jean  
    Baptiste and Marie Catherine Coussi-Soucy..
    Marie Madeleine was born at Quebec, Aug. 17/1732

Felicite: baptised at Ancienne Lorette on Apr. 16/1734 and married 
    on Nov. 22/1756 to Pierre Bedrnard dit St Pierre, son of Jean and Jeanne
    Bourguilla of St Marc , diocese of Auxerre, France

Therese: married at Notre Dame of Quebec, on June 5/1757 to Pierre 
    Petiteau dit Desmarets (widow)(son of Mathieu and Helene Porcheron of St Jean de Liversay
    diocese de La Rochelle, Aunis Aubergiste) He was an Inn Keeper and originated in
    Poitou, France

	From these three marriages, were born 22 children, 15 boys and 7 
girls. When he passed away on Feb. 7/1737, Pierre was still living in the
"Seigneurie de St Gabriel" at Ancienne Lorette
	It also seems that from the inventory of Pierre's belongings by 
the notary Jacques Pingret on Mar. 29/1736, he also could work work with 
iron.  He owned an anvil, a large hammer to beat iron, iron scisors and
a large piece of iron..