Children of Jean Louis (John) Lapointe
s/o Charles Lapointe and Angelique Guillot
and Brigitte Allain

  • James Lapointe, 15 years of age, born Jan. 13/1846 died Sept. 9/1919

  • Frederick Lapointe, 4 years of age, born Apr. 1857

  • Margaret Lapointe, 11 years of age, born Apr. 14/1850

  • Angelic Lapointe 19 years of age, born Mar. 18/1852, married Sept.29/1873 to Alexandre Hickey

  • Bridget Lapointe 1 year of age, born 1861 , married Apr. 17/1882 to Joseph Godin

  • Francis E. Lapointe, born 1864 (not mentionned in census of 1861) married M. ? Hashey

  • Mary Jane Lapointe born Dec. 1866, married Pierre Ferland (Furlong)

  • Paul Aliby Lapointe, born Apr. 25/1870, married 1st, Matilda Arseneault, 2nd. Loretta Albert in 1918..

  • John Lapointe, born Sept. 1854 died 1870 by accident by fall of gravel working on railroad

    *note* in census of 1861, Elizabeth, niece, 1 year of age lived with them

Brigitte Allain was born in Petit Rocher, to Louis Allain and Dorothee
Laviolette, she was baptised at 2 1/2 months, on Mar. 20/1827.

In the 1861 census of Restigouche co. Brigitte Allain is listed
as wife of John Lapointe, 34 years old, Native of Canada, and
of Roman Catholic faith.

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