Ezilda Dion and Thomas Poirier had the following children:

(1) Alphonsine Poirier, born July 6, 1910, married Georges Lancup of Chandler son of Albert Lancup and Marguerite Flynn.

(2) Eva Poirier, born May 15, 1908, married Emile Levesque of Montreal on December 23, 1933 and then she married Leonard Audet son of Charles Audet and Marie Bourque of Ste Anne de Ristigouche, on December 27, 1934.

(3) Francois Xavier (Frank) Poirier, born April 11, 1906. He never married.

(4) Imelda Poirier, born December 8, 1916, married Thomas Roland Richard son of Arthur Richard and Alvine Filteau of Ste Anne de Ristigouche on September 5, 1942.

(5) Joseph Edmond Poirier, born February 28, 1905, he married twice, (1) Florentine Lafranche of Mont Joli on April 19, 1927 and (2) Adrienne Arsenault of Carleton on April 26, 1943.

(6) Joseph Evariste Poirier, born November 2, 1900, married Reine Briere daughter of Frederic Briere and Clementine Cyr on April 27, 1927.

(7) Joseph Oscar Poirier, born December 12, 1918. married Marie Blanche Aurore Major daughter of Joseph Major and Marie Rose Parent of St Elzear on February 16, 1953.

(8) Marie Adeline Poirier, (My grandmother) born January 9, 1903, married Mars Arbour of St Simeon, son of Levi Arbour and Marie Bourque on September 8, 1926.

(9) Marie Ange Rita Poirier, born May 3, 1914, married Auguste Rene Boudreau son of Guillaume Boudreau and Cecile Cyr on August 22, 1942. She married and lived in St Omer , Que., Auguste died and Rita married Francois Berthelot of St Omer on August 18, 1984.

(10) Noe Ulric Poirier, born May 12, 1897, married Marie Anna Arsenault of Ste Anne de Ristigouche on June 24, 1924. She was called Ennema.

(11) Thomas Albert Poirierborn December 18, 1898, he married Alexina Lapointe at Ste Anne de Ristigouche on April 22, 1924. They lived in the "Flat" on the Indian reserve of Ristigouche for years until they moved to Montreal.