Children of Francois Godin and Anastasie Daigle

  • Godin Francois Remi: born 1784 baptized a 2 yrs and 7 mo. on June 24/1787 married April 13/1807 in Bathurst, Theotiste Lejeune, d/o Joseph and Marie Miziere

  • Godin Jean Baptiste: born April 18/1787 married Francoise Hache on May 21/1810 d/o Joseph and Madeleine Doucet

  • Godin Marie Marguerite: born Sept. 29/1789

  • Godin Sidefroy born Caraquet Apr. 8/1794

  • Godin Francois Marin born Jan. 23/1798 in Bathurst , registered in Caraquet

  • Godin Paul: married Marie Comeau d/o Charles and Marguerite Roy of Tracadie on June 6/1814

  • Godin Jean Chrysostome: born May 11/1800, died May 10/1812

  • Godin Marie: died July 20/1807, witnesses were her brothers Remi and Jean Baptiste