Gaudins/Godins/Bellefeuille etc.. found in census and land grants around Fredericton

  • In census of Carleton P.Q. of 1777, I find a Alexandre Gaudin listed as being 18 yrs old


  • In the census of 1783 ordered by Major Studholme of Ste Anne (Fredericton) we find the following Gaudin names:
    1. Daniel Gaudin with 9 children, having lived there 16 years
    2. Jean Baptiste Gaudin with 2 children and having lived there 4 years
    3. Alexander Gaudin with 2 children and having lived there 4 years
    4. Francois Gaudin number or children ?, living there 4 years
    5. Antoine Gaudin with 9 children having been there 11 years


Land was granted by the first Governor of New Brunswick to the following Gaudin/Godin/Goodine/Goodwin men

  • Opposite Sugar Island, Francis Gaudin

  • Opposite the lowest part of Sugar Island, Alex Goodine(Gaudin) and John Baptiste Goodine

  • On the west side of the Saint John river, where is now Long's Creek James Goodwin (Godin)

  • Opposide side and below Sugar Island, Daniel Goodwin(Godin)


In 1737 some indians robbed an English vessel on the Saint John river. Governor Armstrong of Nova Scotia summoned Joseph Bellefontaine and Michel Bergeron as interpreters and Bellefontaine was then also asked to make up a list of the people living on the Saint John river. This is the list he gave him

  • Joseph Bellefontaine and wife with 3 boys and one girl
  • Michel Bergeron with wife, 3 boys and 3 girls
  • Bartholomew Bergeron with wife, 5 boys and 4 girls
  • Augustin Bergeron with wife, 2 girls
  • Francois Roy and wife with 2 girls
  • Jean Dugas and wife and 2 boys
  • Louis Bellefontaine and wife with 1 girl
  • Jacques Bellefontaine and wife with 1 boy
  • Rene Bellefontaine and wife with 1 boy
  • Pierre Bellefontaine and wife with 2 girls and 2 boys
  • Jean Bellefontaine and wife withe 3 boys and 1 girl
  • Charles Bellefontaine with wife and 1 boy
  • Jean Pair and wife with 1 boy
  • Pierre Robert and wife
This seems to be only the people living in Bellefontaine's neighborhood at Ste Anne's point
two years later, there is 116 people listed on the Saint John river.
Lower on the river were the following families
  • Alexander Belleille (Godin) with his 6 children and three servants.
  • Opposite Oromocto, two families of Lincour and Henry total of 10 people
  • Near Ekoupag (Auc-paque) the families of Bellefontaine, Bellefeuille,
    LaForet, Valcour, Boisjoli, Saint Aubin, Dupuis


  • According to Placide Gaudet, the Governor of Acadie, Villebon, in 1691 gave Gabriel Godin, for being his interpreter, a piece of land on the Saint John river in the region of Nashwack or around today's Fredericton. Gabriel then took the title Sieur de Bellefontaine and his sons took on the names of Godin, Beausejour, Bellefontaine, Bellefeuille, and Boisjoli.

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    These entries for Godin found in the Ste Anne of Ristigouche, PQ, registers

    • GODIN FRANCOIS, son of Ambroise Godin and Magdelaine Begeron, baptised
      Aug. 30/1774, born July 28, godfather Francois Cormier, godmother Marie
      Anne Barriault, by Joseph M. Bourg, missionary of Lacadie, performed at
      Riviere Saint Jean acadie

      GODIN FRANCOIS, son of Daniel and Marie Luce Martin, baptised Sept. 5/1774
      born Apr. 29/1772 godfather Joseph Daigle, godmother Agathe Lejeune
      performed at Riviere Saint Jean acadie

      GODIN JOSEPH LOUIS, son of Daniel and Luce Martin, baptised Sept. 5/1774
      born Oct. 15/1773, godfather Louis Mercure, godmother Anne LeVasseur
      performed at Riviere Saint Jean acadie

      GODIN JOSEPH son of Daniel and Luce Martin, baptised Sept. 5/1774
      born Mar. 14/1771, godfather Amant Martin, godmother Marie Judith Gueret
      performed at Riviere Saint Jean acadie

      GODIN MARIE MAGDELEINE, daughter of Ambroise and Magdeleine Bergeron
      baptised Sept.4/1774, born Jan. 1/1772, godfather Jean Baptiste Daigle
      godmother Madame (Mrs) Mercure godparents Louis Essiambre dit Sanfacon and
      Theotiste Leblanc, performed at Baie des Chaleurs


    • In census of Restigouche county for 1861 I find the following Gaudin (none listed as Godin)
      Family of Francis (40) and Eva Gaudin (32) with Francis's mother who is 67 yrs old
      they have 5 children: Hedley Price, Samuel, Mary, Clare and Catherine
      The father and his mother are listed as being british subjects from the Isle of Jersey
      and of Presbyterian faith

      Another family with father as William Gaudin, wife Jane with children: David, Andrew,
      Mary, Elizabeth, Jane, Agnes, Janet, Easter. The father is also listed as being
      from the Isle of Jersey and a British subject

      Another family with father being John, mother Elizabeth with one child: Alfread
      this family is listed as being Canadian and Presbyterian


    • In the census of Restigouche county for 1881, I find the following Gooden family, with father being :Thomas Goodin (70), widow, with the following children: Mary (40) Amey (30) Peter (28) Joseph (25) Francis (20) John (16)
      this family is listed as french and are my ancestors

      This family of Goodin, with father as Frederick (50) mother, Ann (38) Susan (19)
      Jane (17) Liza (15) James (13) Margaret (11) Mary A. (9) Catharine (7)
      Julia (5) Francis (3) Simeon (1) . This family is listed as being french


    • In the Bathurst census for 1861 I find a family of Gooding with listed,
      Mrs Jane (25) Mary (6) Lucy (3) and Ellen (4 months) living with relatives
      by name of Charles and Laurence Hache (Achie)

      Also find a Mary Gooding (17) who was a servant at Peter and Margaret Achie

      An Amelia Goudin (18) living with sister Caroline and husband John Armstrong

    • In Beresford 1881

      Family of Maren (Marin) Gooden (64) with wife Margaret (58) with children:
      John (19) Alexandre (17) Jerome (14) They are listed as French and Catholics

      A Caroline Goodin(18) listed as a servant at Tranciele and Theresa Boudreau


    • Around 1800
      In Petit Rocher, we find Jean Baptiste Godin husband of Francoise Hache-Gallant,
      along with his father, Francois Godin (my ancestor), Francois had his
      five sons with him at the time, Jean Baptiste, Remi (my ancestor),
      Marin, Joseph and Sylvestre. When Francois passed away he left his land
      to his son Jean Baptiste who shared it with his brother Marin, his
      daughter Domithilde, Hubert Cormier and Narcisse Boudreau.
      Sylvestre and Joseph never married

    • In the Old Athol House Cemetary in Atholville, NB
    • Gaudin Alfred died Jan. 8/1886 aged 26 yrs 7 mo


    • In the Deaths of Restigouche (mainly Jacquet River and Nash Creek area)
    • Godin Annie: born Petit Rocher May 4/1852, daughter of Thomas and Sarah Boudreau, died Nash Creek NB of old age on Apr. 10/1942
    • Godin Bridget Ann: born Nash Creek, 1893, daughter of Frank and Marguerite Lapointe, died Feb. 11/1966
    • Godin Clifford: born Doyleville, NB, Sept. 13/1893, son of Frank and Marguerite Lapointe, died Doyleville , Apr. 14/1958
    • Godin Francis T.: born Petit Rocher Mar. 18/1860, son of Thomas and Marie Boudreau, died Lorne, Feb.13/1947
    • Godin George: born Lorne Aub. 11/1874, father not known mother Mary Godin (born Petit Rocher), died Doyleville NB, Aug. 28/1940
    • Godin Jean David: born Mar.16/1887, son of John (born Fredericton) and Mary Ann Hickey?, died Becketville NB, Nov. 13/1962 of cancer
    • Godin John: born Mar.16/1859, son of Frederick and Amaslasis Russell died of old age at age 82 yrs, on April 26/1941, in Jacquet River
    • Godin Madeleine: (mrs William Furlong) born Pointe Verte, NB, 1859, daughter ofJoseph and Bridget Lapointe, died Lorne Mar.2/1931
    • Godin Margaret: (Mrs Mallaley) born Petit Rocher, 1849, daughter of Thomas and Sara Boudreau (both born Petit Rocher) died Nov. 22/1931
    • Godin Marie: (Mrs Thomas Doucet) born Lorne, NB, May 8/1852, daughter of Joseph and Bridget Lapointe, died Lorne Mar.2/1951
    • Godin Mrs Aime: (nee Hickie) born Nash Creek, 1857, daughter of Ned and Angelique Lapointe, died Nash Creek, NB, Dec. 11/1931
    • Godin Mrs Joseph: (nee Lapointe) born Nash Creek, Mar. 1860, daughter of John and Bridget Allan (born Grand Anns) died Doyleville NB, Aug. 6/1936
    • Godin Peter: carpenter, born Feb. 6/1855, son of Damase(TOM) and Sara Boudreau, died at age 79, on May 15/1934 of old age
    • Godin Philomen: dress maker, born Petit Rocher 1840, daughter of Tom and Sara Boudreau, died of old age at age 98 yrs, on Jan. 6/1938
    • Godin Thomas: born Doyleville NB, 1888, son of Frank and Maggie Lapointe died of apoplexy in Doyleville, on May 27/1941
    • Godin Walter: born Nov. 29/1920, son of James and Emma Lapointe, died Mar.3/1940

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