In Drouin, this family is all known as Harbour(Arbour)and this family 
seemed to have a few children with same names.. which happened a lot
in those years..

Michel Arbour born Oct. 14/1702 married Genevieve Fregeau (d/o Daniel
and Anne Pose) at Berthier on Apr. 19/1728

Pierre Arbour born 1724

Antoine Arbour married Marthe Lemieux (Joseph and Elizabeth Franquelin)
in Berthier on Nov. 27/1744

Francois Arbour married Therese Picoron-Descoteaux(d/o Jacques Henri and
Marguerite Martin) at Ste Anne de la Pocatiere on Oct. 9/1740

Jean Francois Arbour married Cecile Lemieux (d/o Joseph and Elizabeth 
Franquelin) at Berthier on Nov. 25/1744

A second Jean Francois Arbour married Elizabeth Daquet-Renaud (d/o Rene Pierre and
Marguerite Giasson) at St Thomas on Nov. 24/1791

Barbe Arbour

Joseph Arbour married Louise Charlotte Fortin (d/o Charles and Louise
Guimont) at Islet on Jan. 29/1753

Jean Chrysostome Arbour, married M. Anne Dupuis (d/o Jerome and Barbe 
Picorum) at Quebec on Feb. 17/1744

A second Jean Chrysostome Arbour (or a second marriage ?) married Marie 
Blanchet (d/o Noel and Marie Xaintes Fortin ) "Contrat Notaire Dupont" 
on Feb. 12/1763