The Arbour family is one of the oldest families on the Gaspe coast
Michel Arbour and his wife Barbe Morin gave birth to a son called
Michel at Mont Louis P.Q. on Oct. 14/1702

Ferland, La Gaspesie writes:
Beauharnois, Canada's Gov. Gen. in 1745 wrote: A man named Harbour
a Canadian, has a home in the Baie des Penouil (Gaspe), where he is
cultivating wheat, and vegetables of all sorts

During the occupation of Gaspe by Wolfe
in 1758, we find Pierre Arbour and his wife who were living in the Baie
des Penouil before 1745

A Joseph Arbour in 1759 was a guide for Wolfe

Joseph Arbour and Louise Charlotte Fortin were the ancestors of all the Arbours of the Gaspe area..
It is beleived that Joseph 's brother Pierre who was baptised at Rimouski Oct. 22/1724 was the same Arbour found at Gaspe, La Baie des Fenouil his wife's name is unknown

The Gaspe census for 1777 mentions Michel Arbour as being single

We find a Michel-Antoine Arbour which seems to be the same one we find in Gaspe who is a god-father to a child with Louise Charlotte Fortin as god-mother on Aug. 18/1776, the following day he baptises (Ondoye) a child and is a witness at a wedding with Charlemagne and Joseph Arbour so he seems to be son of Pierre and never married

The family of Charlemagne Arbour and Angelique Babin (my ancestors) of Bonaventure, are a bit harder to pinpoint. It is beleived he was the son of Joseph and Louise Charlotte Fortin for the following reasons
He lived at Perce, prior to his marriage. He has the name Beaurivage which is the name of the Arbours at Perce.

There is also the family of Chrysostome Arbour and Elizabeth Lepage of Perce. He is beleived to be the son of Antoine and Marthe Lemieux who married at Berthier Nov. 27/1743. Chrysostome died at Pte St Pierre, Gaspe, on Mar. 7/1813 at age 67, this would make him born around 1746-47. We find an Antoine-Chrysostome Arbour born Aug. 29/1747 son of Antoine and Marthe Lemieux. This family has not left any descendants on the Gaspe coast

Marie-Marthe Arbour married Theophile FOX (Abt 1743-1829) probably in Perce, Gaspe. (her conn.)

There was a Pierre Arbour living in Gaspe, in 1758 when Wolfe was there. Charlemagne & Chrysostome are thought to be sons of his.

Marie Poirier, daughter of Charles & Angelique Arbour married Peter Cullen (B.abt 1802),in Bonaventure -no date.

In the Parchemin:Banques de donnees notariales 1635-1775 I noticed "28-02-1752 Vente de terre situee en la censive du Gaspe; par Francois Arbour et Therese Picoron, son epouse, de la seig. du Port Joly,......."

From Min of Land Cmtee Mar 1793. "Jos Arbour, 1 Nov. 1790, prayed for a grant of 200 ac. at MalBay, beginning at the bason adjoining the river...??...running SW up said river to have a front of 8 ac." ( near Perce, Que. )

From an 1827 doc. ".....of Captain Charlemagne Arbour, the usual Pilot for Bonaventure....."

From Lee, David in THE FRENCH IN GASPE, 1534-1760
* 1700, Mont -Louis."Michel Arbour who had just married the 13 yr. old dau. of another fisherman , is listed as a fisherman, -blacksmith-carpenter"

* 1744-48 gaspe " at that time a Canadian named Arbour was reported to be cultivating wheat, buckwheat, hay, & various vegetables w/ some success."

1758 Gaspe "...long time resident Pierre Arbour..."

MARTHA ARBOUR (how MANY Marthas were there???!!!) widow of John Baptist Couillard dit Depres alias Lelois (quite the handle!)Farmer, of Cape des Rosiers ( north coast of G. penins.) sold property on 10 Nov. 1832 - 200 acres @ L'anse au Louise, for twelve pounds. info from copy of deed of sale.

Of course there was the Martha Arbour married to Philip Robin, in Perce

McDougall, SPEC, Feb.23, 1979, suggests Pierre & Francois Arbour , Gaspe, were sons of Michel & BARB MORIN living @ Mont Louis, 1702.

ARBOUR ELIZABETH daughter of Chrysostome and Elizabeth ?, baptised, Aug. 25/1793, born Jan. 9/1792, godparents Guillaume Bon and Olive Arbour, performed at Pointe Saint Pierre Baie des Chaleurs

ARBOUR JOSEPH son of Charlemagne and Angelique Babin, baptised, Oct. 6/1793, born Sept.19/1793, godparents Charles Cavanagh and Rose Boudreau, performed at Paspebiac, Baie des Chaleurs

born 1714 St-Sever, Gascogne, France. Occupation Chirurgien.. Married Marie-Josephe Arbour, fille de Jean-Baptiste Harbour & Marie-Catherine Prov, 30-4-1736 NEU,QC. born 8-9-1717 Neuville Quebec Bapt 9-9-1717 Neuville Quebec